Video in the Instagram Age

I love Instagram. I’ll freely admit that it is about the only social media outlet that I enjoy using. It is easy, it is fun, its exciting to see how people and brands envision themselves visually. When Instagram got the ability to share video, my ears perked up even more. Instagram makes video so easy to share, fun to watch, and it is great for the short attention span of the typical social media consumer in 2015. The trick? Instagram only allows a maximum of 12 seconds of video. How, as a video producer, can you make the most of those 12 seconds?

We have been leveraging the short length, and relative ease of creation for fast and engaging video content for the cycling team. At the end of a race, or even the end of a day of a stage race, you might have enough video content to put together a short recap. But really, even if you do put the time into creating the video how many people actually watch the whole thing? In our case we see fairly aggressive drop-off rates for most of the short notice news-style videos that are produced.

I asked myself the question – what do consumers really want out of an end-of-day recap video? Is it a full story of the day, with voice over, and three acts? Or, just a quick look back at a few key images from the day and a general feeling? I think, given the current state of social media, that what people want is a feeling and a general look back at the event rather than a full news-journalism type account. So far our ‘instacap’ recipe has been working, we venture off to follow the Amgen Tour of California in a little more than a week, and we will try to Instacap routine again and see how it all performs.

Maybe this kind of engagement is what might work for your company – it is low commitment, doesn’t require a huge amount of production, and provides a fast strong insight into the world around you. Drop us a line, or leave a comment below if you want to talk more about it.

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