Saltdale, California - Location Scouting

No sounds but those of the footsteps of time.

In the desert

nothing is sacred, nothing is safe.  Saltdale, California was a town that was founded in 1914 to harvest salt from the Koehn dry lake.

I am planning a photoshoot.  I have most of the people in place.  They are working on the costumes and props, I’ve got models chosen.  Now, what we need is a place to shoot.  This is what spurred us to venture an hour and a half east of the Santa Clarita valley to find Saltdale, California.  The area around Saltdale is mostly rolling rocky hills of chaparral, mojave yucca, and creosote plants.  The low laying Koehn Lake area was a thick, salty mud when we arrived since this winter El Niño has found its way to Southern California.  Only by carefully stepping from rotting wooden plank to wooden plank were we able to venture out into the lake bed area.  Hopefully when it comes time to shoot, the rains will have subsided for a few weeks and provide us with a lovely hard pack.

Photos from Saltdale, California.



All images copyright © North 141 & Jonathan Potter, 2016

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