The Road Ahead - Video

2017 UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team launch video

I’ve produced videos for the UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team for a few years now. It’s a bit of a challenge to come up with a new format year after year. For 2017 I set myself a new goal: collaborate the heck out of it. We started with a stock of footage that was captured during training camp outside of Medellin, Colombia. Because the team delivers a huge volume of stock footage to partners, we just captured as many great images as possible then worked with what we had.
For the script, I wrote down the major themes and drafted a script, then had my editor and copy-writer friend give me feedback. From there, I reworked the script, and looped in Brad Sohner one of the top cycling announcers in the U.S. as our voice-over artist.
After my editor had things in a good place, we called picture lock, I made a pass at the color, and then started in on the audio editing.

It felt good to have so many sets of experienced eyes on the final product before it launched. From the pros at WhereNext, the Colombian production company I worked with to capture footage, to my editor (and friend/colleague) Brian Hashimoto at the finish line – I couldn’t have asked for a better team. What about next year? Maybe I’ll produce a video for someone else next year.

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