Journey into the Desert: Location Scouting the Salton Sea

I have been brain storming on a concept photo shoot that that requires an arid, desert, or apocalyptic landscape.  Being fairly new to southern California my experience in the desert is limited, so I don’t know all the special spots that people go to shoot desert images quite yet.  One place that I’ve been curious about for years is the Salton Sea, one of California’s largest man-made environmental disasters.  Now that I finally have a project that could use the backdrop of something like the Salton Sea we decided to make a trek out to have a look.  First impressions: the flies are immense and overwhelming by the shore; the sky is big and blue; the desert is very quiet.  We made it out to Salvation Mountain and Slab City, then proceeded to drive beyond Slab City until the ‘Keep Out – Unexploded Ordinance Signs’ gave us reason to be a bit cautious.  Below are a few images from our trek.  I’m still working on pulling the elements together for my concept shoot, but would love to get out and shoot in the desert very soon.

Photos from the Salton Sea and Slab City

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