Gear Review: SmallRig GH4 Medium Cage with Video and Photos

SmallRig GH4 Medium 1510 Cage

Since I recently added a GH4 to my kit I began poking around to find a decent cage to make it a bit more capable in terms of being a proper piece of cinema kit.  I’m happy to spend money on investment pieces, but I just can’t afford some of the kit from the bigger and more well known companies – so I happened upon SmallRig – a Chinese company that makes custom pieces and works with people to co-develop new rig parts.  At first I bought a couple small pieces, 15mm rod adapters and an EVF arm, I was so impressed with the build quality that I felt pretty confident in seeing what else they had to offer.  I noticed they had a cage designed for the A7S and so I thought I’d contact them to see if they were going to do any thing specifically for the GH4.  A few days later, low and behold I received an email and some pictures of what they were working on.  After a few emails, some photos of the base of my GH4 for measurement reference, and they sent over a final design and said that the pre-production orders would ship out November 20th.

I came home November 24th from a shoot and found a box from DHL on my doorstep with the my pre-order version of the cage in it.  Sweet.

Video Review

I’ve been using the cage on the GH4 for about a week now and I’m really quite pleased.  The fit and finish are really nice, the pieces all connect and attach very secure.  I like having the extra left cheese-rod for both attaching things like an EVF and more practically having an extra handle that is easy to grab ahold of.  As for fitment issues, the only niggle that I had was that the top cheese plate was a bit tight on the cheese-rod, but now that I’ve taken it apart and put it back together a few times it all fits together smoothly.

How does it attach

The cage attaches at the base of the camera with a single 1/4-20 thread.  Note about this, make sure you have a fat flat-head screw driver to attach it as the plate it too deep to get a coin in there.  The bottom plate has a ton of in-line 1/4-20 threads so you are able to mount a manfrotto plate to the bottom with the anti-twist pin in place, which is really nice.  Attachment at the top is through a cold-shoe adapter that slides into the shoe, and then screws into the top plate.  It is a really solid attachment and quite confidence inspiring.


Other Good stuff?

The I think for me the best thing about the SmallRig 1510 Medium Cage that it is designed for medium sized DSLRS in general – so I actually use it on my GH4 and my Nikon D600.  Overall lots of mounting options, easy to set up, and secure.  Worth the dollars?  If you are in search of a nicely appointed cage, give the SmallRig a try.

Photos Of the 1510 Medium Cage with both the GH4 and the D600

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