Behind Ally’s Bar – Ally Stacher

I often have a hard time deciding what I really want to do. Sometimes I feel like a leaf in the wind being blow sidelong, other times a flibbertigibbet with more energy than a thousand men. It is these kinds of wayward feelings that make me really excited to work with people like Ally Stacher. Getting a chance to talk about a cool product and learn about what makes another small business owner tick is one of the best experiences I can have.

I reached out to Ally in the early spring to see if she’d be willing to sit down and talk about her business with me during a trip to Asheville I made in March. She was rad enough to spend the whole morning with me, and I have to say it was great to meet another person and small business owner making their way in this crazy world however they can.

Like it or not the current atmosphere in America is one of small business: individuals in home offices, coffee shops, airports, and libraries toiling away on laptops and cell phones. I’ve encountered everyone from film producers to personal assistants who work for themselves out of offices that aren’t offices. I like small business and I like to support that. Ally’s Bar is still a small business and she is committed to keeping jobs in America, I like that. I’ve long wanted to do more of a ‘Made in America’ series, and I think that I might be heading in that direction with some upcoming projects that are currently hatching. We’ll see!

For now, here is the Ally’s Bar video –

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