Introducing, the Graflex Crown Graphic

When I first told a client friend that I had started shooting film again, since moving back to the Northwest he said, ‘that’s so Portland of you.’  He’s right!  The last time I shot lots of film was in 2009 , the year before moving to California. In the three months that I’ve been back in […]

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A good looking man: Tom Slivinksy

I’ve been trying to shoot more photos with people who impress me.  I had the chance to see Tom in a few plays over the last couple years; after seeing him lay it all on the line in Hamletmachine this past fall I knew that I had to shoot photos with him.  There was something […]

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Photos: Drive Tastefully Rally

I had the chance to attend the Drive Tastefully Rally recently and shoot a ton of video. Some absolutely stunning cars were present, everything from a Porsche 906 – a car that, in all my years around cars, I had never seen in person – to a Abarth Zagato – which is adorably bulbous – […]

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