North 141 was officially started in the fall of 2014, after nearly ten years of freelance consulting I have been continually frustrated by businesses who have potential but are afraid to tap into creative assets and explain what they do and why they are in the market place. I have long believed the truth is the best marketing ploy, a quality product tells its own story. My name is Jonathan Potter.

Want to know a little more about me? You can find me on LinkedIn here.

Currently we are still small, but flexible and expandable to meet the needs of your projects. We take data seriously, emphasize a collaborative creative process, and hold to the ethos that the truth is the first client.

Services North 141 Offers

Visual Creative Assets

    • Photography – everything from head shots and fashion to motor racing and industrial, we’ll shoot anything anywhere anytime
    • Video and Film Production – from dramatic shorts to funny documentary or business messaging we love to tell a story through video


Marketing & Communications

    • Strategic Social Media Campaign Development – have an idea for a social media campaign? Need to raise your brand’s awareness? We can help develop campaigns that are easy to implement and will provide results
    • Online Content Management – does your website have the ability to be updated on a regular basis but you don’t have time to maintain it like you should? Search engines like fresh content, we can help make sure your site is up to date with your own content
    • Web Design – need a new site? Old site needs to be refreshed? We can get you up and running with proper search engine optimization, a fast and reliable content delivery network, and a strong web presence quickly


Business Consulting

  • Social Media and Web Analytics – do you need to know who is looking at your site? What pages or social campaigns are performing well and which ones need to be dropped? We can provide everything from raw analytics data to executive summaries
  • Project Management – from inception to completion we can take a project through the phases to ensure a lovely end product that stays within budget

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